“WSGI from Start to Finish” at EuroPython 2010

If you’re a Web Application Developer using Python, you may be very interested in the tutorial I am presenting at EuroPython 2010: “WSGI from Start to Finish: How to use the power of WSGI to solve problems your framework cannot solve”.

Your favorite Web framework is not able to meet all your needs, all the time; some problems cannot even be solved at the framework level. In such situations, the Python Web Server Gateway Interface may save you a lot of time and trouble, giving you the opportunity to implement an elegant solution or integrate existing framework-independent third party solutions.

And chances are, a better WSGI-based alternative exists for something your framework is apparently good at. WSGI is a very powerful technology, and the kind of things you can do with it may surprise you.

It doesn’t matter if you know little about WSGI or nothing at all, because when I say “from start to finish” I really mean it. In this half-day tutorial, I’ll try to cover both simple and complex real-world situations solved with WSGI. The tutorial is relevant for Django/Pylons/TurboGears/etc users, and for those who don’t use a Web framework at all!

3 Comments “WSGI from Start to Finish” at EuroPython 2010

  1. Ben

    Hi Gustavo,

    I’m doing a talk at EuroPython too! It’s going to be on the websocket/repoze/eventlet stuff I’ve been hacking on.

    We should catch up while we’re there! Is anyone else from 2 degrees coming?


  2. Gustavo

    That’d be nice! Although I’m not sure if someone else from the development team will go too.

    I’ll keep in touch via email! :)

    – Gustavo.

  3. John Griessen

    I’m not yet published in python, but I like it and have made
    some free published open hardware for biologists
    and have more in planning. Would twodegrees membership benefit
    an open hardware developer?

    I’d like to know more about WSGI. If you have anything you can share
    I promise not to bug you about it. I’ll be trying out twod.wsgi soon.

    Austin Texas

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