The Software Practitioner’s Digest: May-June 2012

Late by two months, here’s the 6th issue of The Software Practitioner’s Digest, featuring only one relevant resource published between May and June 2012.

Hopefully the next issue won’t be out too late, as I’m no longer as busy as I’d been for the past couple of months, although there’s still some catching-up to do. And this time it didn’t help that I was very hesitant on whether to highlight a few more resources, which I’m glad I didn’t do (as relevant as they were, they were not that noteworthy).

In this issue:

Business Application Acquisition: On-Premise or SaaS-Based Solutions?

In Business Application Acquisition: On-Premise or SaaS-Based Solutions?, published in the May-June 2012 issue of IEEE Software, the authors present a model to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of different application deployment methods: In-house, Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

Even though the model and the paper itself are far from perfect (given the omission of PaaS in the model and the number of typos I noticed, among other things), I found the ideas and findings presented to be of very high value for organizations considering a switch to/from/within the cloud.