The Software Practitioner’s Digest: December 2011

This is the third issue of the The Software Practitioner’s Digest, covering the little activity from December 2011 — A very quiet month not only because of the holiday season, but also because it’s an even month and the periodicals I follow are published in odd months. The next issue should be along the lines of the October and November issues, so stay tuned!

In this issue:

2011 IT Project Success Rates Survey

The results of the 2011 IT Project Success Rates Survey were announced and summarized in an article on Dr. Dobb’s.

The highlights include that Agile, Iterative and Lean project teams have similar success rates, and these are higher than those of ad-hoc and traditional project teams.

Interpret these results with caution: In spite of all the efforts to make this survey transparent, take into consideration that the person who executed it (an Agile advocate) acknowledges that there are inherent challenges with this type of surveys.