Testing, testing… 1, 2, 3… Testing

Well, it looks like I finally got a blog!

I will use it to talk about what’s going on behind-the-scenes with my contributions to the free software movement, mainly by means of GNU/Linux Matters. I want to let people know that we’re alive! That behind those cool but static websites there are people moving forward, getting ready to effectively defend Freedom in computing. Yes, we already have a blog, but I believe that a personal touch would be great as well. I look forward to seeing more people at GLM blogging about what’s happening under the hood.

But that’s not it. I’m studying computing, so you might think that I’ll blog about computing-related stuff; if so, you’re right. I love software and I wish I could only care about it, without worrying about whether it’s free or not… Every single piece of software must be free as in Freedom. Unfortunately, in the real world, most computing systems are powered by privative software.

I hope you enjoy it!

PS: You might wonder what’s “privative software”. I’ll explain it later, but in the mean time you can read dylunio’s brief explanation.

2 Comments Testing, testing… 1, 2, 3… Testing

  1. Alberto Diaz (FI)

    Hey dude!

    I got your email about your blogs (both the personal one and the technical one) today. It’s great. Hope you blog quite often on the technical side, it’s great seeing people push so hard for free software.

    I’m back at home, hope it didn’t go so bad in june after all :)

    See u in september!

  2. Gustavo

    Hi, Alberto!

    I hope so too! But please don’t talk to me about those exams! They were nightmares to me and I’m just trying to wake up.

    I’m glad to know you’re there right now! By the way, I’ll go home too just after the exams.

    Till september!

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