My name is Gustavo Narea and I’m a Venezuelan software developer based in Oxford, UK. In the past, I’ve promoted the use of Free Software with GNU/Linux Matters and also made key contributions to popular Python/WSGI projects like TurboGears and Repoze. I joined 2degrees in 2009 as Software Developer and now I also wear the ScrumMaster hat.

After realizing how difficult it is to master the art and science of software construction, I decided to spend less of my spare time contributing to Free Software and instead invest it in my education indefinitely. Nowadays I’m a member of the IEEE Computer Society, ACM SIGSOFT and the Free Software Foundation, and enjoy reading vendor- and technology-independent books and magazines.

Google+LinkedIn and Ohloh can tell you a bit more about me, although their information is most likely to be out of date. From time to time I also write on dev@2degrees and Twitter.

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