The only screencasting software that doesn’t crash in Ubuntu Hardy

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to record some screencasts for GLM, but every screencasting software I tried crashed under Ubuntu Hardy (and Gutsy too):

  • XVidCap: The workaround is supposed to be disabling sound, but didn’t work.
  • RecordMyDesktop (plus its two front-ends): Crashes with no error message. From time to time I was able to record videos.
  • Istanbul: Crashes if you select a window to be recorded.

So, the only solution is to install a newer version of Istanbul for Debian:
or, if you have a 64-bit box,

After making the appropriate bug reports, I can finally start recording the screencasts with Istanbul!

PS: Forget about the above. That Debian package doesn’t work either. I’m installing KDE4 to check whether I can record the screencast with it; I think I saw such an option when I tried it out.

PPS: The KDE4 built-in screencasting component uses a weird format (cps?) which cannot be opened with VLC, Mplayer nor Kaffeine (but there’s a dirty workaround). Anyways, it records the whole screen and I just want to record a single window.

PPPS: I’m not alone.