We need German translators to promote Linux! And others are welcome too

We need people to bring the first GNU/Linux website that doesn’t suck to all possible languages.

Until last year, translations were hard to setup and manage, so we created an special multi-website CMS focused on internationalization, which makes it really easy for translators to preview their work and release websites with a few clicks, and also reports any mistake translators and editors have made (if any), among other things. We also setup a web-based translation interface, for those who don’t want to use the traditional, not-so-easy-to-use CAT applications.

The Castilian and French translations were the first to be ported to the new system, and now the Catalan translation is near completion. But the German translation is just ~60% translated, which means the new edition cannot be released the new way; this has caused some problems since we’re using the new system, because we have to maintain it the old way and the time we spend maintaining one outdated site could be used to improve the system that powers the other websites, so we decided to move on and stop maintaining it the old way – that means that it won’t be linked to from the upgraded websites such as ObtengaLinux.org, until the German translation is complete.

So, if you’re a German speaker, please help us out. But if you speak a language other than German and English, you can help too. Just head on to the GLM website to find out how to be a translator.

PS: We already talked about this on the blog, but only Catalan translators came up. I’m making another try on my blog because I belong to some groups at Mugshot and thus more people can know about this.