Below you’ll find the materials of some of the talks I’ve given:

EuroPython 2010: WSGI from Start to Finish

How to use the power of WSGI to solve problems your framework cannot solve.

This was in Birmingham, UK, in July 2010.

Django Users Group in London: Development and Deployment with WSGI in Django

This was in London, UK, in February 2010.

RMLL ’08: The Next 10 Million Users Won’t Wear a Beard

Olivier Cleynen and I announced our progress and plans for GNU/Linux Matters at France’s International Libre Software Summit 2008. The slides for my part of the talk are available.

This was in Mont-de-Marsan, France, in July 2008.

Hispalinux ’07: La importancia de los usuarios no inform├íticos en el triunfo del software libre

Translated into English as The Role of Non-Technical Computer Users in the Triumph of Libre Software, I gave this talk in Spanish on behalf of GNU/Linux Matters at the 10th International Congress of the Spanish Association of Linux Users.

Download the slides.

This was in Cáceres, Spain, in December 2007.