August 4th, 2008

Finally Satisfied With KDE 4

An screenshot of KDE 4.1 in Kubuntu Hardy

An screenshot of KDE 4.1 in Kubuntu Hardy

After being disappointed on KDE 4 since the first beta releases (it was simpler than Gnome!), and upset when the new Kontact ate my emails, I’m finally happy with the latest “stable” [sic] release of KDE 4.

However, I must say that to me this is the first beta-quality release of KDE 4; the others were just pre-alpha quality. I wish I can refer to the upcoming KDE 4.2 Final as an the first stable release of KDE 4.


  1. Dennis Wronka on 04 Aug 2008 at 4:15 pm #

    It somehow seems that I am the only person who actually likes KDE 4.0.
    Yeah, I know it’s got its problems, and surely more than just a fair share. But it is quite usable, although some things surely are still missing.
    I am looking forward to get to play with KDE 4.1 when Fedora 10 comes out, but until then I’ll be happy enough with 4.0, especially now that I finally got it running in 1280×1024 on my PC.

    You may not remember KDE 1, but I can tell you that you’ll gladly prefer to use KDE 4.0 over it. Not that KDE 1 has been unstable or plain crap, it’s been good, but compared to later KDEs it just looked ugly, and just didn’t offer yet all the comfort of a modern desktop environment.

    Also many people seem to forget that KDE 4 is a big redesign of a really big project, and not “just another update”. It’s a major step forward, and that has its cost.
    Contrary to many people I also do not think that KDE 4 has been released prematurely. As said, I am aware of its problems, but if nobody gets to use it those problems just will be discovered a lot slower. Having it released to the general public of course will provoke some angry comments, but overall I think it only improves the system. And I am pretty sure that this is the exact reason why it KDE 4.0 has replaced KDE 3.5 in Fedora 9.

    So, overall, KDE 4 is a big step forward, and it looks awesome. With the release of 4.1 a lot of problems surely will be gone, and finally most of the K-stuff (like KMail and others) is there, so people maybe can stop complaining now… ;-)

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