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October 30th, 2008

Horrible first impressions with Intrepid

My first impression with Intrepid has not been good at all:

  1. It broke the web server in one of the servers I administrate, and it took me a while to spot the bug.
  2. I had no way to access the Internet from my laptop! No wireless network, no wired network. Nothing. Picture how hard it was for me to get help on IRC using another computer. Not to mention the time I wasted trying to fix it, while I was downloading the CD for Hardy.

PS (Nov 4th): A few days later, I have to admit that I love this Kubuntu release! It fixed several broken things from Hardy and includes nice features!

October 27th, 2008

Auth: What you may expect from TurboGears 2

Those still using TurboGears 1 will find a big improvement in the authentication and authorizarion area when they upgrade to version 2: TurboGears 2 ships with an easy-to-use, pluggable, extendable and well-documented authentication and authorization system, powered by repoze.who and tgext.authorization (whose documentation will be available along with TurboGears’ very soon).

Some of the features include:

  1. You may store your users’ credentials where you want – in a database, an LDAP server, an .htacess file, etc.
  2. You’ll be able to store your groups and permissions where you like too, but also use as much as group and permission sources as you need. What if your application’s main database already stores your groups and permissions data, but the company’s IT department needs to reuse their Htgroups file in the application? That would be a piece of cake.
  3. You’ll be able to manage your authorization settings with an API independent of the used source(s) (databases, Ini files, etc). Yes, add/edit/delete groups and/or permissions.
  4. You’ll be able to grant permissions to anonymous users (hopefully available this week).
  5. Do the above and more without writing too much code.

Right now there’s only the SQL plugin, so in the mean time you may still only store your groups and permissions in a SQLAlchemy or Elixir managed database, but very soon we’ll have the Ini plugin (to store groups and permissions in *.ini files) and even more.

In the future you’ll also be able to get OpenId authentication with a couple of lines of code (there’s a work in progress) and possibly OAuth authorization too.

And you may give it a try now! You can either try the latest code from the trunk or wait for the first TG2 beta which will hopefully be released in a couple of days.


October 27th, 2008

The repoze.who LDAP plugin will be an official plugin

Some weeks ago I was invited to make repoze.who.plugins.ldap an official repoze.who plugin, which means that:

  • The license will change. It will use Repoze’s.
  • The development tools will be migrated from Launchpad (bug tracker, repository, etc).
  • The LDAP plugin’s documentation will be included into repoze.who’s.
  • It will be maintained by Repoze commiters, and I’m one of them.

I’ve not started the migration, but I hope to start in a few days.


October 10th, 2008

So it was not a bad idea to switch to Ubuntu

I remember that when I announced that GLM’s servers were being switched to Ubuntu, I got comments on that post and some emails asking me to reconsider this for reasons I didn’t agree with.

Some months later, I read that Wikimedia is switching their ~400 servers to Ubuntu. Beyond this being a surprise to me, I applaud this wise move, with which they already feel happy.

Having Ubuntu on the server has been a pleasant experience, so I’d encourage those sysadmins who (want to) have an offline life to switch to Ubuntu!


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