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August 18th, 2008

Joining the development of TurboGears

I’ve had the great pleasure of being invited by the TurboGears team to become an official committer for the great TurboGears framework.

This is because I’ve been contributing patches for TurboGears 2 and other packages used by Animador (a TurboGears 2 application), since I started its development, in order to fix bugs and/or add new features that I want in Animador. So now I can apply my changes by myself! ;)

And stay tunned, because very soon it’s going to be very easy to add OpenId support to any WSGI application by means of a plugin for the framework-independent repoze.who package!


August 4th, 2008

Finally Satisfied With KDE 4

An screenshot of KDE 4.1 in Kubuntu Hardy

An screenshot of KDE 4.1 in Kubuntu Hardy

After being disappointed on KDE 4 since the first beta releases (it was simpler than Gnome!), and upset when the new Kontact ate my emails, I’m finally happy with the latest “stable” [sic] release of KDE 4.

However, I must say that to me this is the first beta-quality release of KDE 4; the others were just pre-alpha quality. I wish I can refer to the upcoming KDE 4.2 Final as an the first stable release of KDE 4.

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