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September 23rd, 2007

I’m not away

It’s likely that some of you have noticed that I’m very silent lately on GLM-related stuff. Indeed that’s true, but I’m not losing faith; it’s just that I am in Venezuela (my native country) after being in Spain for one year and I will go back to Spain in two weeks, so I’m trying to make the most out of my time here.

I’ve worked on GLM everyday since I arrived, but I’m avoiding public conversations for the time being… I’ve just been focused on things in the inner-workings of GLM, and I’m now trying to get Animador up and running.

So there’s nothing to worry about!

September 6th, 2007

Now I know the vendor of my next graphic card: AMD (ATI)

I’ve been using an Intel graphic card because its free drivers are developed by the company itself, but this time AMD/ATI is going further: They’re not only going to develop free drivers (along with the community), but they’re also going to release the documentation for their devices. No more vendor lock-in! At least from ATI.

Intel, can you beat this?


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